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Interview with Sam from oogaa® Metro Mom of the month!

Sam is honored to be selected as the Metro Mom of the month for December, she thanks Metroplex baby & kids  for this opportunity to speak about oogaa.

To read about Sam and oogaa® visit here



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Chez Foti’s Kids Fish Pie! with oogaa®

http://www.chezfoti.com I use oogaa bowls and spoons every day, or rather my children do! Francesca’s three and Jacques’ a wee eighteen months and they both absolutely adore them!  Francesca insists on having a bowl that most matches her outfit of the day (as girls do!) and isn’t too old to still want to use the airplane spoon (yep we still have to do zoom zoom planes for her!).  Jacques likes their squidgability (I think I just made up a word here!) and loves to chew and play with them after his dinner, or put them on his head.  He also has a rather unnerving tendency of flinging his bowl as far and fast as he can once he’s finished eating so Mummy’s very happy to have silicone none-noisy none-breakable dinnerware!.  Mummy’s also happy that they’re so incredibly useful, they can be baked in the oven, put in the microwave to warm up food, put through the dishwasher and even used to store food in the freezer.  And being silicone, so wonderfully safe!

Today I baked fish pie in the gorgeous oogaa bowls, much to the delight of my kids!  Their favorite dinner IN their favourite bowls, Jacques was literally climbing on the table to get his fingers in the pies!  The recipe is from my blog Chez Foti, http://www.chezfoti.com, where I blog children’s and family recipes every couple of days or so.  I actually live in SW France with my two monkeys and am very passionate about cooking for the family and growing our own organic veggies. We moved here at the end of 2010 and love the simple, honest, slower-paced life that we now lead.

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