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oogaa mealtime set
silicone plane spoons
silicone train spoons
Silicone placemats


An oogaa is born

Meet the oogaas…

Ooh my goodness; they’re everywhere! The little characters that cover our clever stuff are called oogaas and they’re the happiest, most fun-loving party animals around. On spoon handles, dish rims, bodysuits… oogaas smile from every surface and they love nothing better than a clean plate, a full tummy, and a happy, healthy child.

The oogaas make mealtimes all the more enjoyable, entertaining little ones as they make life easier for adults. Feeding bowls reveal big smiles as they’re emptied, and placemats are alive with colorful, friendly-faced creatures….all delivering  baby’s food by plane, train or boat!


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