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About oogaa

oogaa is an innovative design company that creates fun, healthy and sustainable products for babies and young children.

Our products feature bright, bold and engaging designs that entertain little ones as they make life easier for adults.

oogaa designs its unique products for a global mix of cultures and communities who share one thing in common: a desire to provide only the very best for their baby.

We are kicking back against dull, plain, ordinary. Babyhood is a brief and precious time and we think it should be brilliant! So the stuff we make is bold, bright and engaging. We aim to enthral your offspring – and make life as a parent easier too.

We are challenging convention and the villains as we see them – big corporates that continue to produce plastic baby products containing toxins like BPA or phthalates. With daily use these plastic feeding products can break down and leach these harmful toxins into baby’s growing body. oogaa designs contain no such nasties, nor anything else that could negatively impact on children’s health. All oogaa products are constructed from silicone.

We want to protect every child’s future. Our individually made, hand-finished products are designed to be better for baby and for the world they’ll inherit one day. We put special emphasis on environmentally friendly, green materials that are as safe and sustainable as possible. We never put profits before principles.


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