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oogaa baking in Oxford, England

Photos from England- Jackie and Scarlett bake lasagna in the oogaa bowls.

oogaa bowls go directly into the OVEN!  Easy to bake in (or heat up in), easy to eat from and easy to clean!

Send us your photos and tell us what you make in your oogaa bowls.



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One Response to oogaa baking in Oxford, England
  1. lesley Hart
    November 1, 2011 | 10:16 pm

    Scarlett aged 9 and her Uncle Jackie who likes to cook – made delicious lasagne all baked in the oogaa bowls. Men like oogaa’s too!! Another discovery was finding out that the food stayed warm for an hour or more in the bowls!!! Fantastic products and we want to order more to give all our friends for Christmas!!